About Coleman® Spas


The Coleman® story began over 110 years ago when W.C. Coleman began manufacturing lanterns in Wichita, Kansas. Since then, Coleman® has built its trusted reputation based on its beliefs that nothing is really sold until it gives 100% satisfaction and that every Coleman® product must be the best of its kind. Customers trust that Coleman® products will provide all the comforts of home on any dark and cool night under the stars. Coleman® has been a respected name in the world of outdoor recreation for decades and has gained a solid reputation with consumers by manufacturing the world’s best camping products. Consumers think of Coleman® when they think of the great outdoors.

The same innovation and exploration that ignited Coleman® lanterns has inspired the creation of the Coleman® Spas collection. Coleman® Spas are manufactured in the United States with cutting-edge technology and affordability. Coleman® Rugged Rotomold Spas, Acrylic Spas and Swim Spas are built with quality and can be trusted to last from generation to generation. Buy Coleman® Spas and buy with confidence.


Coleman Spas offers a brand name that is rated #1 in outdoor products. With a rich tradition of products that range from simple outdoor essentials to innovative luxuries that make life better, the Coleman brand and its family of products is recognized as a brand people can trust.

The strength of the Coleman brand alone offers a remarkable 73% retention rating, meaning shoppers will choose Coleman over a competing brand. And to no surprise, 87% of Coleman owners will recommend the brand to others.


Although many hot tubs manufacturers claim to be the best, Coleman Spas truly are. Our new Heritage Collection was designed to offer value driven price points with competitive features that offer exclusive upgrades, an eco-friendly purification system and cost saving technologies.



Coleman® Spas is a company that understands the importance of keeping jobs in the United States and is determined to do their part in strengthening the economic and social structure of American families. A brand with a legacy of innovation and American Tradition, the Coleman® story started over 110 years ago when W.C. Coleman saw a new type of lamplight that burned with a strong, steady white flame. It was unlike anything available at the time. His vision was to bring this new form of light to farms and ranches across America. In that same vain Coleman® Spas is still working to enhance the lives of American people by creating jobs and continuing to be innovative in designing well built products at affordable prices. “Built Strong in America, for America” will resonate through communities across the country as the spa manufacturer spreads their message to dealers and consumers alike; Coleman® Spas is investing in the American economy one spa at a time.