Filtered to Perfection
Spas uses the Pure Flow
Filtration System,
which features easy access, reusable filters that provide
balanced filtration and are easy to use. This system uses
microban inhibitors to prevent bacteria growth.
Tropical Paradise
The breathtaking Three-Port LED Water Feature
will instantly turn any backyard into a relaxing
tropical paradise.
Designed for Comfort
Each spa seat features relaxing Comfort-
Pillows for the maximum hydrotherapy
Individual On/Off
Flow Control
The convenient control valves allow
you to direct the flow of spa water
to different areas of the spa.
Main Drain & Safety Break Plumbing System
• Certified to VGB standards for safety
and performance
• Life saving feature added to prevent
entrapment – standard on all Coleman
hot tubs.
• Automatically reduces water flow in the
event of an obstruction.
Touch of Romance
The LED Spa Light adds a touch of
romance to your spa and can be
programmed to alternate between
seven colors on two color modes or
shine on a particular hue.
Easy-to-Use SmartPak
Control Center
This advanced technology automatically
keeps the spa water at the desired temperature.
Rigorously Tested
All Coleman
hot tubs are certified
to meet and exceed
all standards of
y at its best
Efficiency: Coleman
Spas use smart technology to run efficiently and use less energy!
• Recognized by the California Energy Commission as an energy-efficient spa
• Flow-Thru
manifolds improve water efficiency
• The efficient Eco 24-7 Filtration Solution
circulates water through the filter and heater at a 36
gallons per minute while using less than 1/2 an amp of power
• The Green Pack 40/50
lowers operating costs by using smart technology to lower heating
consumption when booster pumps are operational. This allows operation of two pumps and a
heater within standard 40 amp service.
• The Green Friction Heating Fitting automatically heats whenever the pump circulates--reducing the
need to run additional heat
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