Constructed to Last
We use a patented 7-layer
laminate system, known as
Construction, which
is reinforced with steel and wood
to create the strongest shell in
the industry.
Reinforced Areas
We use the thickest acrylic
available to keep the shell
strong at critical stress points.
Individual On/Off
Flow Control
Our convenient control
valves allow you to direct
the flow of spa water to
different areas of the spa.
All lines are plumbed
to the drain valve to
enable full water drainage
and to protect the spa
from freezing during cold
weather months.
THERMO Insulation
The Energy Saver Thermo
blanket surrounds
each fitness spa with a
insulate blanket of protection!
Rigorously Tested
All Coleman
Fitness Spas are
certified to meet and exceed all
standards of compliance.
Durable Integrated Framework
Preferred Cabinets are strong enough to
support even the largest spa designs. Reinforced wall,
made of treated lumber, is bracketed and reinforced
at the corners. Treated lumber struts unitize and square
the entire cabinet. Wood support beams are attached
directly to support the seating area. Decorative panels
are added for beauty and elegance.
The Complete
Aquatic Workout
With a standard Fitness
Bar Handle and attachment
points for the
Exercise Equipment.
16 Pc.
set with
storage bag.
Filtered to Perfection
Fitness Spas use the
Pure Flow
Filtration System,
which features easy access,
reusable filters that provide
balanced filtration and are easy
to use. This system uses
microban inhibitors to prevent
bacteria growth.
SwimJet Stabilization
The exclusive SwimJet Stabilization System™
featured in our CO-1770 fitness spa uses water
pressure to help keep swimmers in place as they
swim against the powerful underwater current
generated by the spa’s main swim jets.
SwimJet Propulsion I
(CO-1239 and CO-1439)
This four-jet system provides swimmers of all
levels with the ultimate aquatic workout. The
spa’s control system allows swimmers to adjust
the water pressure and resistance according to
their swimming ability.
SwimJet Propulsion II
(CO-1640 and CO-1770)
This adjustable three-jet system offers
swimmers various levels of resistance
swimming. When the jet nozzle is directed
downward, the swimmer will experience
a decreased level of resistance. If the jet
nozzle is directed upward, the swimmer’s
resistance will dramatically increase.
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